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Mechanical Extraction Ventilation

Primarily for use in dwellings with six wetrooms or fewer (dwellings up to 300m2/3200sq.ft), the quiet and compact Axco central mechanical extraction ventilation system is usually installed in a roof space or cupboard and ducted to all wetrooms.

The low energy unit runs continuously at a low normal ventilation rate, extracting stale polluted air from rooms where the most moisture is generated e.g. kitchens and bathrooms. A flow of fresh air from outside is supplied by a Positive Input Ventilation unit/s or window trickle vents to match boost extract rate from MEV fan.

The system is also Energy Saving Trust Best Practice Compliant, with a Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to 0.18 w/l/s. The occupier can make significant energy savings as there is no need for noisy, multiple extractor fans in each wetroom which create multiple breakout points in the building, creating draughts, air leakage and heat loss. It is also much more economical to run one fan instead of multiple single fans. Guaranteed for 3 years, the high quality EC motor has a long-lasting performance, compared to low cost wall fans (some of which have a limited life cycle).

The Benefits:

  • Eliminate condensation & mould growth
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Remove musty odours
  • Save energy
  • No need for noisy extractor fans – quiet ventilation
  • No draughts from extractor fan openings

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