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Over 70,000 satisfied customers throughout UK & Ireland since Beam Vacuum and Ventilation was established in 1977.

“We installed our Beam Central Vacuum System in our new house back in 1985. As I suffer from asthma I was due my annual check-up shortly after moving and the results were so much better. Such was the improvement my Doctor actually asked if we had moved to a new area. We had in fact only moved about 60 metres up the lane as our new house was built in the grounds of the old one. I am allergic to house dust mites and grass, however the only difference was we had installed a Beam Central Vacuum System. It has and continues to make such a difference to my asthma, the health benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System cannot be underestimated.”

Mr G Truslove, Oakham, Rutland, England


“We installed a Beam central vacuum system in our new build house in 1990 and would never consider ever reverting to the noisy, smelly and unreliable ones off the shelf. The unit has never required any maintenance over the last 22 years and the only part to fail was the hose after 18 years which I consider not bad going when one considers almost daily use.”

David Moreton, Angus, Scotland

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